Every company will have its own unique hiring process – even individual departments within the same organisation are likely to have different procedures.  

Regardless of these differences, it’s essential for any hiring manager, and the candidates they interact with, to adopt standard recruitment etiquette to ensure success. 

Etiquette plays a very important role in the relationship between hiring manager and candidate; both need to be on the same page in order to reach their end goal: a successful hire. 

A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of results for the right way to do things during your recruitment process, however, many of these articles barely scratch the surface. In this blog we share our top tips for hiring and getting hired in 2022. 

Tips for hiring managers

Sell the opportunity

As a hiring manager, you expect candidates to come prepared for your interview and the same is expected of you, too. You’re there to sell the opportunity that your business (and the specific vacancy) can offer the candidate, so make sure you’re well versed in the details of the role.

Ensure you’ve done your research on the candidate in question: re-read any CVs or cover letters, create a list of questions that link to the responsibilities of the role, and be upfront about expectations. Aligning this information with the benefits and opportunities you are offering as a hiring business is vital at this stage. 

Cultivate the perfect interview environment

In a competitive market, a long and complicated interview process will likely turn off many candidates; it’s more useful to spend time getting to know each other rather than ticking boxes. Put your candidate at ease by adopting a friendlier, more conversational approach. 

Relax, smile, and engage in small talk to kill any remaining pre-interview nerves. Remember your end goal: you want the candidate to open up about what they are looking for in their next role, and get excited about this budding opportunity.

When cultivating the perfect interview environment, be sure to actively listen and really focus on the candidate’s answers.

Maintain a thoughtful communication stream, even if they’re unsuccessful

For many candidates, the most frustrating part of the recruitment process is waiting to hear back from the company. In some cases, candidates are forced to wait weeks for an answer they’re usually anxious to receive.

Maintain a clear and thoughtful communication stream to inform interviewees whether they’re still in the running for the job role in question, or if you’ve decided to move forward with someone else.

If they are unsuccessful, give constructive, detailed feedback. A standardised ‘rejection’ email or message contributes to a bad candidate experience, and can ultimately damage your employer brand and reputation.

Go above and beyond

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with hiring, but in order to build winning teams and hire top talent, we recommend going above and beyond the traditional hiring procedure. 

HR expert Julie Choi says, “engage talent in dynamic conversations and high-touch relationship cultivation that reveals company culture through behaviour and attitudes. High performers don’t want to be treated like motivated candidates.”

Lean on your recruiter 

It’s a recruiter’s job to help you hire your dream workforce. Despite differing hiring processes, your recruiter always remains constant. Use your recruiter for advice and trust them to help you make the right decision for your organisation.

At Berkeley Croft, we specialise in finding top talent to boost your existing teams and help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you. 

Tips for candidates 

Respect the hiring manager’s time 

You want to contribute to an environment of mutual respect, so turning up for interviews on time, sending documents as requested, and preparing properly is critical for the smooth running of your recruitment process.

  1. Adopt the right mindset for an interview

Going through an interview process can be an anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking experience. Although feeling unsettled is completely normal, it’s important to reframe the way you approach interviews. 

Do your preparation and try not to overthink the situation – this way, you’ll settle into the environment a lot more easily. By relaxing, you’ll show your hiring manager your true self, letting them learn about deeper aspects of your personality.

Stay professional

You want to look confident and professional when interviewing for a new position, so it’s essential to present yourself accordingly. 

Dress appropriately and pay attention to your body language – avoid slouching, and try to smile and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.

Understand that the hiring manager is busy

The hiring manager will be busy with multiple different procedures when conducting interviews and trying to make a new hire. By understanding that, you will be less likely to overthink moments when communication isn’t as frequent as you’d like it to be. 

Communicate effectively

Be prepared to respond quickly when you do hear back; it’s proper etiquette to respond back to the recruiter or hiring manager within the same day if you receive an offer. 

Bear in mind that the recruiter has likely spent a lot of time cultivating a professional relationship with the business they represent; be respectful of this and always respond, whether it’s to accept or turn down a role. 

If you’re applying for a role with a recruiter’s help, they can step in to be another source of communication. They’ll keep you up-to-date with any notifications from the company you’ve interviewed with. 

Following these tips, either as a hiring manager or applicant, will ensure a smoother hiring process for all parties involved. 

To further alleviate hiring stresses, working with a recruiter can help you find the talent you want without unnecessary added tension, all while saving you time. 

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